Your Choice Of Funeral

As you consider your choice of funeral, please keep in mind there are genuinely only two final options for disposition: cremation or casketed funerals. Many don't realize, though, that should you choose cremation you can still have a very traditional funeral. Whether you select to be cremated before the funeral service or following, the choices you have are many and varied. Hence the reason it's so important to spend time with one of our advisors. We'll work with you and your family to identify the very best options for you and those whom you will leave behind. 

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
                Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
Funeral Services


Burial or Cremation

Coffins and Caskets

Ashes and Urns


Which will you decide for yourself? Traditional burial or cremation? Wood or metal casket? An urn to display or be placed in a niche wall? There are so many decisions that must be made... why not make them long before anyone is effected by your passing?

Honoring Life


One of the most endearing events of our lives will be the honor and respect offered on your behalf during your funeral. If you're a Veteran, there are even more options for you than many families are even aware. 



Allow our advisors and funeral staff to assist your family in designing and placing your obituary. You might even want to write your own! There are many different options these days for you and your family.

Online Memorials


Memorials come in all sorts of different types and kinds in our computer world today. Did you know you can have a lasting memorial online that will stay online until one of your family decides differently? Allow us to show you your many, many options when we visit with you.

Alternative Funerals


One of the most difficult experiences a family traditionally has to endure when they've lost a loved one is the trip to the funeral home the day after their loss. Things are not always the way they used to be... Allow our staff and directors to assist you and your family in a more friendly way. It can make all the difference.

Death Certificates


A Death Certificate is perhaps the most significant document your family will need upon your passing. There are so many documents, companies, and agencies that will need to be notified of one's passing. Make sure you've considered all of the needs you have and prepare ahead.